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Remember the days you would drive your father's car down the highway? Remember, after concerts or baseball games, deciding to avoid the main route because it would be crowded and, instead, taking lesser-known back roads? The problem, however, was always that the highways, although difficult and frustrating to drive, were more illuminated than the "easier" roads.

When leaving the main road—the designated path—the world can become a different place. The road ahead blurs and the road behind disappears into the night. Have you ever have had the experience that you no longer knew where you were, where you had been, or where you were going?

When we chose to make a film about college experiences (some of them ours), we also knew that we needed a mythical framework upon which to build the story. Such a theme was to let us avoid the contrived, no-concept, bad-plot screenplays that have become prevalent in film today. After innumerable sodas, arguments, and packs of cigarettes, we decided to focus on the idea of "the refusal of the call."

Nate and Paul on the road.

Nate picks up Paul on campus.

Hero with a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell, summarizes the "refusal" idea. At the beginning of a myth or folk story, a hero frequently stumbles into a situation where he is given an opportunity to enter into an adventure. Sometimes, he immediately accepts the challenge. In the more interesting stories, however, he will be indecisive about leaving the comforts of his day-to-day life.

Campbell says that the "call for adventure" is one of the natural processes of life. Men and women always have the choice of which path to follow. If they choose the adventure that life offers, they will remain on their course to destiny, but following the easier path can risk the mythological "missing of the bus."

To refuse the call is to deny life, but to accept the call often means taking a much more difficult road. In the college setting of post-teenage life, we decided that these ideas made an ideal framework for our story.

revisions tells what happens when two young men are must make this important decision in their lives: to accept or to refuse the call. Nate and Paul both receive their own distinctive calls to adventure—to move on to more expansive parts of their lives—but each must decide what to do. Which path will enrich life and which will not? They don't know, and they have to take a chance. And at the University, of course, all this decision-making must be accompanied by plenty of poker, convertibles, parties, and romance.

James Buffington
Founder, Executive Producer, & Director
Siege Perilous Films