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Music is an integral part of revisions, and we are pleased to have many great local and national acts included on our soundtrack. As time progresses and we work out the legal details of the music we're using, we'll be adding more music and musicians to this page. At the moment, revisions features ...

Alicia Wiley — "Thinking Of You" — Recipient of several Minnesota Music Awards, Minneapolis jazz virtuoso Alicia Wiley is an act not to be missed. Her contribution to revisions, a track from her self-titled debut album titled "Thinking of You," adds a sophistication to the soundtrack with her sultry fusion of jazz and pop sounds. Alicia's sophomore album, In Your Sight, was released in late 2005.

Alpha Consumer — "A Pet In Every Picture" & "The Best Opinion Ever & Me" — Brain child of Jeremy Ylvisaker and Michael Lewis, Alpha Consumer brings a bit of Minneapolis rock royalty to the revisions soundtrack. Ylvisaker's background in bands like Detroit, The Melismatics, and Greazy Meal is complimented by Lewis' roots with Happy Apple, among other acts. Rounding out the band's lineup is none other than drummer extraordinaire JT Bates. Alpha Consumer's experimental attitude towards music making and quirky pop rock sound has a innate characteristic very fitting for the feel of revisions.

Andrew Thomas — "State Of Gray" — Along with his original score for "revisions," Siege Perilous Films Music Director Andrew "AT" Thomas has also written "State Of Gray" as the feature song for the opening and closing sequences of the film. AT originally suggested "State Of Gray" as the title for the film itself, but when the production team decided to go with the name "revisions," AT re-appropriated his idea as the title for his main piece of music for the soundtrack instead.

AT/DT — "Firefighter" — AT/DT has the unique distinction of being the only contributor to perform a song live for the revisions soundtrack. "Firefighter," originally a track on the band's 2002 CD Rock 4 The People, is performed by the band (appearing in revisions under the moniker "The Joint Compounds") at a party scene. Each member of the band also makes several cameo appearances in the film.

Dan Israel and the Cultivators — "Jump Through The Rings" — Like several revisions producers, Dan Israel is a former St. Louis Park kid who has gone on to make a major splash on the Minnesota music scene. Along with his band, The Cultivators, Dan has released several CDs, played and toured venues in the Twin Cities and beyond, and acquired frequent press attention. "Jump Through The Rings" was one of the very first songs placed in revisions and comes from Dan's 2003 CD Love Ain't A Cliche.

Day Kit — "Airtight" & "Rita" — Day Kit has drawn a lot of attention for their strong songwriting. The band played the revisions fundraiser concert all the way back in June of 2003. We felt that Day Kit fit the look and feel of revisions so much that we opted to use two songs, "Airtight" and "Rita," from their 2004 CD The Amazing Year 500,000.

Elephants Gerald — "Grey Sphere" & "Ink" — Elephants Gerald is yet another band that has supported the production of revisions since Day One. They graced the stage of the SPF fundraiser concert in 2003 with their own personal brand of quirky glitch-pop, and members of the band make cameo appearances both on and off camera. Elephants vocalist Dave Larsen appears briefly in the film in a speaking role, while keyboardist Brad "Hashbrown" Armstrong has taken on the mammoth task of mastering the revisions final audio mix.

Greazy Meal — "Universe's Baby" — For a good chunk of the 1990s Greazy Meal was THE band to see in the Twin Cities. A group made up of incredibly fine players, the funk/soul inspired band grew a very loyal following of fans to their regular Sunday night house gig at The Cabooze in Minneapolis. After disbanding in 1999, Greazy Meal returned a couple of years ago for occasional shows and even a brand new CD in 2005. Their soundtrack contribution, "Universe's Baby," comes from that very CD of the same name.

Impossible Party — "Innocence Is Hell" — Minneapolis-based guitarist Park Evans leads Impossible Party and contributed a much-needed jazz piece, "Innocence Is Hell," to a sequence in revisions. Park and a few of his comrades can be found playing in numerous configurations several days and nights a week throughout venues in the Twin Cities area.

Joanna Jahn — "What You Don't Know" — MacPhail trained Joanna Jahn is yet another of our soundtrack artists who are more deeply involved in the revisions project than may be initially evident. Beyond her contribution of "What You Don't Know," Jahn threw her hat into the ring as the voice actor playing the recurring role of a radio disk jockey throughout the film.

Low — "Little Argument With Myself" — Low is a favorite band of most of the revisions production staff, so needless to say we are incredibly excited to have them on the soundtrack. The Duluth-based band have made a big name for themselves in the many years they've been together, releasing several albums and touring with bands like Radiohead. Their soundtrack contribution, "Little Argument With Myself," comes from their 2002 CD release Trust. Low released a new CD last year titled The Great Destroyer on the Sub Pop label.

Perfect Enemy — "Fly" — Perfect Enemy (formerly Sound & Fury) was another band that contributed well beyond just their song for the revisions film. The band headlined the revisions fundraiser concert in June of 2003 and was on hand to help at a couple of location shoots. The song "Fly" was also featured in the first revisions movie trailer. Having made a serious mark on the metal scene in the Twin Cities, Perfect Enemy is currently preparing to release a new CD this year.

Pester — "Apology" — Formerly of Detroit and Manplanet, Pester leader Grant Eull also hails from the SPF homeland of St. Louis Park, MN. With their driving rock-punk edge that nearly ventures into a conceptual nitch, Pester adds some radio atmospheric flavor to a poker hangout scene mid-way through the revisions film.

Terramara — "Four Blocks to Hennepin" & "Invisible People" — Terramara and their band leader, Rob Meany, have been very supportive of the revisions project from early on. The band has contributed two songs, "Four Blocks To Hennepin," from their 2005 CD of the same name, and a version of "Invisible People," recorded in 2002 specifically for revisions. Terramara was also featured at the revisions fundraiser concert in June of 2003. Last year Terramara won the WB's "Strictly Original" television original band contest, and Meany also won The Positive Pop Song Contest based out of Nashville.