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James Buffington, Director & Producer
James first created revisions out of necessity: to complete his senior project for a bachelor's degree at the University of Minnesota. He initially chose to make a film based on his own experiences in academe, but after throwing around ideas with Eric Hedberg, he wrote the script based on both their lives. revisions represents his first true directorial effort, desiring people to forget his earlier filmography "Caught", and "The Finer Things".

Eric C. Hedberg, Producer
A long time friend of James, Eric has been a part of this project since the beginning ... and has actually lived some of the scenes portrayed in revisions. Eric officially has several titles in the film: Actor (as Paul), story developer, producer, and second director. When not making films, Eric is working toward a Ph.D in sociology at the University of Chicago.

Eric and James mount the camera in preparation for an interior shot.

Andrew records the audio for a pivotal scene between Paul and Emily.

Andrew "AT" Thomas, Music Director & Producer
Andrew, owner of Soliton Recording Studios, has produced and/or recorded over 250 CD and demo projects for local and national artists over the course of his career in the music industry. In addition to his studio work, Andrew has experience composing music for television and has performed in many live bands. He currently plays guitar for the not-too-serious rock group AT/DT. For more about AT, visit his personal website.

Scott Lindberg, Art Director & Producer
Scott, a graphics and motion designer by trade, is charged with creating of the "look and feel" of revisions, excluding the actual audio and video film footage itself. He met James, Andrew, and Eric a long time ago when working at a little group of stores in Bloomington, MN called the Mall of America. Now, instead of selling toys, Scott works full time for The Design Company.

Having spent the better part of the last decade designing logos, websites, and printed materials, Scott decided to try his hand at creating the graphics for revisions. A true and talented artist, Scott has had a hand in virtually every part of this movie and the publicity machine surrounding it. For more about Scott, visit his personal website.

Eric films a scene between Nate and Victoria in the library.

James and Scott tear down the lighting after a shoot in the cafeteria.

Farrah Norby, Production Manager & Producer
Farrah keeps Siege Perilous Films running. For months she followed James around, taking notes, making phone calls, and writing letters, and was present for auditions, casting, and filming. Farrah initially studied history at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls, but is presently completing coursework at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, pending an imminent transfer to the University of Minnesota. She has done stand up comedy at the Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis, and is an avid equestrienne. Farrah and James were married in 2003, and their premier joint production is a 2-year old powerhouse named Finnian Martin Buffington.

Other crew members include ...
Abner Finley, Producer
Nick Hedberg, Associate Producer & Still Photographer
Theodore Berg, Editor
Edgar Rollefson, Cinematographer
David Fahl, Dan Jaffee, Jay Jordan, & Jenelle Thomas, Production Assistants
Steve Fletcher, Lighting Assistant
Lynn Worley, Color Correction