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Nate Pierce
played by James Buffington

For some people, attending college puts off the inevitable entry into "real life", which is definitely true of Nate Pierce. Nate spends his days working in the University library and going to class, and his evenings reading, writing, and occasionally going out with his pals. He substitutes literature for personal relationships, except for his close ties to his grandfather (Robert Shaw), with whom he frequently discusses books and ideas.

Nate's comfortable but solitary life changes dramatically when one of his essays appears in a national publication without his knowledge or involvement, and to his surprise and dismay is received openly and enthusiastically by the literary community. For someone who spends most of this time trying to avoid people, embracing such praise is difficult. His professors describe him as a thinker of catholic dimensions, his friends as idiosyncratic, and he sees himself as a closet intellectual. His solace is in his writing, which now is the very thing propelling him toward what he has worked so hard to avoid: making a choice.

James Buffington as Nate.

Nate (James Buffington) and Allison (Anne Clark) in the library stacks.

"Actor" is another title James carries on the revisions project, in addition to Writer, Director, and Producer. For his senior project, James chose to make a film based on his own experiences at the University of Minnesota. After throwing around ideas with Eric C. Hedberg, James wrote the script that eventually became revisions. Shortly thereafter, he assembled a production team from his group of friends, and Siege Perilous Films was born.

Paul York
played by Eric C. Hedberg

Despite being at the top of the class in Honors Economics and sought by several University doctoral programs around the country, Paul York is in many ways a man alone. Other than his friendships with Nate (James Buffington) and their close-knit group of buddies, Paul has no one in his life: not even a functional family.

What Paul lacks in social connections he makes up for with academic ambition. He feels that with the right equations and numbers, he will be able to navigate life's difficult paths. In his mind, theories and mathematics are simply easier to deal with than his irregular and messy family. What Paul doesn't realize, however, is that there are things in life that are unexpected, unpredictable, and impossible to plan for.

Eric C. Hedberg as Paul.

Paul (Eric C. Hedberg) and Emily (Jaime Helgeson) in the TA Office.

A long-time friend of James Buffington and the Siege Perilous Films team, Eric C. Hedberg has been a part of the revisions project since the beginning. In fact, he has actually lived some of the scenes depicted. Eric officially holds several titles with revisions, however he much prefers to simply be called a Siege Perilous Films "lifer." When he is not spending friends' money for his own catharsis, Eric studies sociology in a graduate program at the University of Chicago.

Victoria Niniane
played by Brittany Benjamin

Victoria Niniane spent much of her life moving from place to place, so it is no surprise that she decided to plant herself in one spot long enough to attend the University. From her perspective, going to school and working as a waitress is as exciting and new as anything she has experienced, even though most people find her eccentric outlook offsetting.

Brittany Benjamin as Victoria.

Nate (James Buffington) meets Victoria (Brittany Benjamin) in the library.

Born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Brittany Benjamin is holds a Theatre degree from the University of Minnesota. revisions is Brittany's first independent feature, but she is no stranger to performing. She has enjoyed the limelight since a very early age, whether her focus was on acting, singing or dancing. She has worked on productions for the University of Minnesota and has appeared in an independent music video. In addition to her various acting roles, Brittany can be seen locally as lead vocalist for the pop-rock group "Tried for Fine." She considers acting a lifelong endeavor, both on stage and on screen. Her interests are skydiving, tattoos and becoming fluent in sign language.

Emily Atkinson
played by Jaime Helgeson

Emily Atkinson was born in the Midwest and had spent most of her life at high profile preparatory schools, complete with a full schedule of extra curricular activities. With several job prospects available after graduation from her prosperous family's connections, the process of completing the University had become to her just another piece of a never-ending banal process. For Emily, love and marriage had become as trite and inconsequential as buying a car or paying the rent; she had no real interest if something easy and low-effort were available instead. In this respect, "frat-boy" Brady Cooper (Peter Hedberg) is just the man for her. Emily will indirectly teach Paul York (Eric C. Hedberg) much about himself, but only after he falls in love with her to no avail.

Jaime Helgeson as Emily.

Paul (Eric C. Hedberg) and Emily (Jaime Helgeson) having drinks.

A native of Cumberland, Wisconsin, Jaime Helgeson moved to the Twin Cities to attend the University of Minnesota. In addition to studying French and Spanish, Jaime also worked to refine her acting skills. In the 11th hour of auditions for revisions, Jaime arrived to try out, sneaking in just as things were wrapping up. Soon after she was offered the role of Emily Atkinson, the woman who would turn Paul York's (Eric C. Hedberg) life around. In her spare time, Jaime enjoys skiing, dancing, and lifeguarding.

Other cast members include ...

Joanna Jahn - Radio Disc Jockey
Abner Finley - Counselor
Jack Rice - Dr. Warner
Sadie Bowman - Elizabeth
Kristen Anderson - Sandra
Peter Hedberg - Brady
Thomas Dolan - The Counterfeiter
Eric Mullen - Stewart
Candace Stimpson - Dr. Gershwin
Courtney Collins - Nate's Admirer
Anne Clark - Allison
Robert Shaw - Poppy
Ben Jones - Hutch
Erik Pedersen - Doug
Andrew Thomas - Nelson
David Thomas - Keith
Matt C. Wells - Charles
G.C. Peterson - Fancy Bob
Nick Hedberg - Tyler
Devon Novy - Madison
Bob Savage - Mr. Pierce
George Thronson - Pastor