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It is the beginning of the end for college seniors Nate Pierce and Paul York, best friends confronting their graduation and an uncertain future. What they don't know: an otherwise unremarkable close to a typical college odyssey of books, beer, and cigarettes is about to become a test of character.

Adrift on academic probation, Nate discovers that a private, personal essay has somehow been published under his name in the New York Times. As he wrestles with the possibility of unwanted intellectual celebrity, Nate encounters a fascinating woman who introduces him to uncharted worlds within himself. The two events converge to steer Nate toward emotional collapse. (continued below ...)

Meanwhile, Paul coasts toward a bright future in academe. His professors have tapped him as a serious thinker in his field, and when he looks into his future, he sees an unswerving career path and a perfectly calculated life. Even his relationships conform to exacting boundaries and logic. However, as he prepares for graduation, Paul meets a woman who forces him to confront his assumptions and convictions-and the very foundation upon which his future rests.

revisions explores how two very different young men navigate the end of their college days, a period full of challenge and self-discovery. As the stories of Nate and Paul unfold, the audience is reminded that college years are more of an immersion in—rather than a vacation from—the complexity of our modern American existence.